Time Crisis 2 Arcade Pedestal Sticker Before and After

This one really was quite fun to restore. Given how fun of a game Time Crisis 2 was, these arcades got quite a lot of use over the years. In addition to that, the pedestal is a tempting place to put a drink and have it promptly fall over due to it not being level. All those factors meant that the sticker that goes on the pedestal was usually toast within a matter of years. We were able to get a decent scan of the original and went to work restoring it. The final product turned out great and is laminated with our textured laminate to ensure endurance for years to come. Check it out in our store HERE.

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Batman Forever Arcade Marquee by Acclaim

Here’s one you don’t see everyday. Batman Forever by Acclaim was a very underwhelming arcade title with a very cool looking arcade cabinet. It wasn’t very popular, so seeing one in the wild is pretty exciting, but then you play it, and it’s meh. Furthermore the graphics are quite dark, and when paired with an old CRT it can be frustrating to see things. In any case, we now have the arcade marquee header/artwork. Check it out in our store HERE. Check out a play through below as well!

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Metal Slug 6 Full Size Arcade Marquee

Finally found a good scan of Metal Slug 6 Sega SNK Playmore arcade marquee. This quite possibly might be the last Metal Slug we see for the arcade… ever!!!! That is, unless it gets picked up by Raw Thrills or Global VR. In any case, at least the game is fun and sticks to its guns…

Check out the marquee for purchase in our store HERE, and a play through of the game below:

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Millipede Atari Vinyl Arcade Marquee

We recently worked with a customer to develop something close to the original Millipede Atari vinyl wrap arcade marquee. It is meant to replace weathered old marquees, and wraps well around the curved space where the marquee goes. Not quite in our store yet, but please do reach out if you’re in need on one.

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Typing of the Dead Blast City Arcade Marquee

We had a customer send us this marquee for printing. For those who do not know, typing of the dead was a variation on House of the Dead, where you type letters to kill zombies. The only one we have ever seen was in LA long ago. For any of you arcade nerds out there that want to build their own, we have the artwork ready for you!

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Gahaha Arcade Marquee

Had a customer request a very strange Japanese import marquee. This one was for Gahaha, an arcade that had what looked to be a plastic molded arcade marquee, a true nightmare for collectors if it breaks during transport. Also, with little to no graphics available online, we had to dig a little to find what was available. Turned out great though, check the picture below, and many thanks to Julian C. for the photos.

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