Quartet Arcade by Adam L.

We recently had the pleasure of doing a Quartet arcade marquee for Adam. Pretty rare cabinet that we have never seen in the wild. Super happy that another unique cabinet was restored to it’s former glory. Thanks for the photos Adam!

Check out the marquee in our store HERE, and watch a video play through below:

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Mystery Marquee $10 Challenge [SOLVED]

Been a while since we’ve done a mystery marquee challenge. This one is worth $10 to be mailed straight to your door.

First person to email us at arcademarquee….at….gmail….dot….com or through our contact page with the correct answer receives enough cash for 10 candy bars!


Congrats to Greg L. for the correct guess. Canadians for the win!

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Super Bishi Bashi Champ Blast City Arcade Marquee

Recently got a request for a Bishi Bashi arcade marque from Victoria. She was able to procure a scan of Super Bishi Bashi Champ, something that we have not been able to find in high resolution. From there it was a matter of color correction and cleaning in Photoshop. Looks great in the Sega Blast City, thanks for the photos Victoria!

Check it out in our store HERE.

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Mega Man The Power Battle Arcade Marquee

We’ve been looking for this one for a while, and oh boy what a pain in the butt to acquire. Super cool game though, Capcom just took the bosses from Mega Man and threw them onto a fighting style platform for arcade. Check out the marquee in our store HERE, and below for a crazy no damage play through:

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Ice Climbers Nintendo Arcade Marquee

First off thanks again to Dana for sending another product photo to us! This time, we thought it was a photos of an original Vs Ice Climber Nintendo marquee, but no… pleasantly surprised that it was one of our reproductions. Cheers Dana, enjoy the game!

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