Metal Slug 6 Full Size Arcade Marquee

Finally found a good scan of Metal Slug 6 Sega SNK Playmore arcade marquee. This quite possibly might be the last Metal Slug we see for the arcade… ever!!!! That is, unless it gets picked up by Raw Thrills or Global VR. In any case, at least the game is fun and sticks to its guns…

Check out the marquee for purchase in our store HERE, and a play through of the game below:

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Millipede Atari Vinyl Arcade Marquee

We recently worked with a customer to develop something close to the original Millipede Atari vinyl wrap arcade marquee. It is meant to replace weathered old marquees, and wraps well around the curved space where the marquee goes. Not quite in our store yet, but please do reach out if you’re in need on one.

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Ataxx Arcade Marquee from Kelly

Ataxx is one of those games that we have never seen on route, but looks like an extremely fun game with high replay value. We mailed this out to Kelly, who put together what looks like an awesome arcade. Cheers, Kelly. Thanks for the pic! Check out below for a video of the game, and click HERE to purchase the marquee.

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Tournament Arkanoid Arcade Marquee

We came across a marquee that we had never seen recently. Had to look it up to figure out what was going on. Apparently Tournament Arkanoid was the successor to Arkanoid, but for some reason Romstar thought “tournament” might be an exciting was to say “two”. Check it out in our store HERE, and a video down below for a super cool cocktail version of the game.

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