Trying Times!

We would like to thank everyone who has been supporting this small business in these tough times! We depend on orders for our livelihood, so every marquee sold really does help. Orders are still shipping within 1-2 business days, although the US Postal System might delay things slightly. Thanks again everyone, and stay safe!

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Gypsy Juggler Arcade

Occasionally we will come across some artwork in our library that is so strange we HAVE to do a little research to see what the deal is. This time around it was Gypsy Juggler, a seemingly horrible name and theme for a game. Not surprisingly, it was a fairly simply juggling game in the same realm as Arkanoid. Take a look at the game play below:

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Bishi Bashi Arcade Marquee

Been on a roll lately with the Blast City marquees. Our newest one is for Bishi Bashi. We didn’t even know that Bishi Bashi’s could be set up on a Blast City cab, but sure enough, those big buttons fit fine on a two player cabinet. Check it out in our store here, and peep below for an awesome, ultra strange video of Bishi Bashi game play.

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Chris’s Amazing Light Boxes

Sent out a buncha marquees to one of our awesome customers. He recently sent back some pics of what they turned into and I gotta say, they are probably the nicest looking light boxes we’ve seen thus far. In addition to their magical glow, the brick back ground really makes them pop. Short blurb from the man himself:

“With my pinball machines and ms. Pac-Man arcade cabinet, I didn’t have room for additional arcade cabinets, so I made a couple signs using your marquees and reclaimed pallet wood and plexiglass. They are backlit with LED strips and I’m really happy with them.”

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GI Joe Arcade Marquee

This is one of those rare games that we never played as a kid. We didn’t even know it existed until Another Castle Arcade in Bremerton Washington got one. A bit underwhelming when we played it. A four player shmup style arcade sounds awesome, but it was very repetitive and had too many explosions if there is such a thing. Check out the marquee in our store HERE, and below for a play through if you don’t believe us on the explosions thing:

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