Dungeons and Dragons Arcade Light Box By Keith

Had a customer recently send us images of this Dungeons and Dragons Light box and it looks great! Also, we must note that Dungeons and Dragons is the best 4 player side scroller of all time. So much replay value! Thank you to Keith S. for the photos.

Explanation below from the man himself:

“I used one 1X10 inch 8 foot long pine board. And 3/4 inch plywood piece for the back. I cut 3 pieces 2 and 7/8 wide for the sides and the bottom and one piece 2 and 9/16 wide for the top. I put the sides onto the plywood back using glue and pocket holes. Then glued 1/8 thick plywood 3/16 inch from the top to form a “rail” for the glass and marquee to slide on. Then got strips that protruded 1/8 inch wider than the boards to make a frame to go on the top of the box. Drilled a hole in the back and using U shaped nails to hold it down used a string of 5050 led lights to the back although I think 3850 led would probably work to since I used a good a lot of the strand. Slide a piece of glass along between the frame and the top piece I cut 3/16 inch shorter than the other than the sides and the bottom. Then slid the marquee over the glass piece.”

-Keith S.

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Out Run Arcade Poster Light Box

Had this request from Steve S. Was a bit strange due to the size being poster as opposed to marquee, but thought it would be fun to indulge. Turned out awesome from the looks of it. Steve threw it in what looks like a commercial display light box, and is sure to be displayed in a cool location at his place. Cheers Steve!

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Space Zap Lightbox by Richard!

Someone finally did it! A mini lightbox for the mini marquees we send out. Richard has done quite a few light boxes with the marquees we produce, and they always look cherry! Only this time, he went above and beyond and created the cutest little light box in the history of light boxes! Thanks again for the photos Richard!

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Richard’s Centipede Light Box

Super excited to share this one with everyone. Richard put together one of the cleanest light boxes we have seen thus far. The candy apple green is fantastic, and from the looks of it, an LED strip with remote allows for easy on/off action. Add a little whisky into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a good time. Our shop prefers Basil Hayden personally, but in any case, cheers to Richard’s good work!

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Terminator 2 Light Box

We always like seeing alternative uses to the marquees. This one comes in from Johnny D. A very creative use for displaying some badass Terminator 2 memorabilia. From the looks of it, a color changing LED and some classic VHS and DVD cases. Thanks for the pics Johnny.

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Mike’s Arcade Light Boxes

Every time someone sends some pics of their light boxes or the project they’ve been working on, I always think “geez I don’t think anyone will be able to top this”. Then, invariably, someone sends in a more badass project. Check out Mike’s project with write-up below:

“I made this five panel light box to decorate our basement game area. I’m not sure my kids appreciate the retro-ness of it yet, but I’ll keep working on them. My wife and I choose the particular five marquees because we have a fondness for those games and also because these all have their own creative designs and were more than fancied up words (ex Star trek or Defender). Crazy Climber has slightly different proportions than the others which resulted in the black side strips, but that is just about my favorite game when I was a kid, so it had to be here.

The inside is illuminated by five volt LEDs (led strip that has a usb connector) powered by a USB brick. The brick needed to have a mechanical switch which I connected to in order to have a switch on the outside of the cabinet. This switch has three positions,: illuminated, off and charging. This involved opening up the brick and soldering new connections to it. A touch switch wouldn’t work for me unless it could be made accessible to the outside but I was worried that would weaken the frame. I don’t know the run time until it goes dead, but it is long enough to last an evening and I expect quite a bit longer (the brick is rated at 12000mAh at 5volts. I can attach a recharger to a nearby outlet. I could also just plug it in, but I really don’t like cords showing. The LEDs are arranged around the edges of the entire box and also along each dividing strip and adhered to the back interior of the cabinet facing the front. Flickering was a problem towards the end of the initial single led run so I had to split it into two runs with a second power feed which solved the issue. For good measure I also applied plastic adhesive mirror panels on the interior back. Cabinet depth is 2 ½ inches. I used 1×3’s for the perimeter, and ripped the same 1×3 so they had a depth of 1” for the center strips. A table saw was used to cut the slots to hold the glass. I got the glass at Lowe’s, as they would cut it for free. All the wood pieces that are showing are attached to each other with various metal angle irons. The back is screwed on. It is fairly heavy, but it hangs fine on a cleat.”

USB Charger:
TalentCell Rechargeable 12V 6000mAh/5V 12000mAh DC Output Lithium Ion Battery Pack For LED Strip And CCTV Camera, Portable Li-ion Battery Bank With Charger, Black (Multi-led indicator)

LED Strip Light White 5V 5M 300 SMD 3528 with 3M Tape for TV PC Computer Case Back Lighting,Under Counter Light (Non-waterproof, Cool White 6000-6500K,Pack of 5M)

Mirror material
Aneco 24 Sheets Flexible Mirror Sheets Mirror Wall Stickers Self Adhesive Plastic Mirror Tiles for Home Decor, 6 Inch by 9 Inch (6 Inch by 9 Inch)

WINOMO Heavy Duty Toggle Switch Flick ON/OFF/ON Car Dash 12V DPDT with Waterproof Cap

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Chris’s Amazing Light Boxes

Sent out a buncha marquees to one of our awesome customers. He recently sent back some pics of what they turned into and I gotta say, they are probably the nicest looking light boxes we’ve seen thus far. In addition to their magical glow, the brick back ground really makes them pop. Short blurb from the man himself:

“With my pinball machines and ms. Pac-Man arcade cabinet, I didn’t have room for additional arcade cabinets, so I made a couple signs using your marquees and reclaimed pallet wood and plexiglass. They are backlit with LED strips and I’m really happy with them.”

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