Batman Forever Arcade Marquee by Acclaim

Here’s one you don’t see everyday. Batman Forever by Acclaim was a very underwhelming arcade title with a very cool looking arcade cabinet. It wasn’t very popular, so seeing one in the wild is pretty exciting, but then you play it, and it’s meh. Furthermore the graphics are quite dark, and when paired with an old CRT it can be frustrating to see things. In any case, we now have the arcade marquee header/artwork. Check it out in our store HERE. Check out a play through below as well!

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Monday Night Football, Pinball Custom Translite

Recently had a customer bust one of his pinball back glasses. Probably one of the most frustrating things that can happen in pinball. You simply nick one of those corners on a post or setting it on the floor, and the whole thing explodes. Happens way to often on back glasses and playfield glass. Anywho, we didn’t have a good scan of Monday Night Football Pinball, so we pieced together what we could and sent down this beauty.

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Video Game Daryll’s Mini Arcade

Recently sold Video Game Daryll a custom marquee. We’re always very pleased to see our work in action and this one did not disappoint. Mini custom arcade with 6 button layout.
Update on the post, blurb from Daryll describing his project:

“I have been working and collecting arcade machines since 2001 when I moved I had to sell off a bunch of my arcade machines after that I acquired a few more at my new apartment my ultimate goal is to own a sit down racing racing game but I can’t fit one of those through my 29 inch doorways in my second-floor apartment.. I started my first bar top build after buying one of the target midway bar top arcade machines, then I acquired a homemade bar top arcade machine that was dropped I put it back together as a vertical orientated machine I still need to add side artwork and a control panel artwork layout, then I found a bar top arcade machine that I have been looking for for many years by Hanaho Game room classics Taito ..I did some general customization to that machine-then my dad wanted to build a bar top so I ordered him a kit online and he kept it basic black with chrome T molding.. after his build I decided to build one of my own I originally wanted to build it with a streetfighter II Full artwork but I had trouble with the company that makes the bar kit and artwork so I just started to make it a simple black and red set up removing the yellow T molding that I had already put on the machine at that point I purchased the multi cade marquee custom-made from arcade it came out really really nice..
My next build will be a Neo Geo MVS themed bar top arcade machine ..”
-Video Game Daryll
LINK to his YouTube channel

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