Jeromy’s Jagermeister Arcade

Just got this in from one of our awesome customers. Jeromy put together a Jagermeister themed arcade and it looks super clean! The only thing it’s missing is a built in fridge to keep the Jager in. Thanks again for your order Jeromy.

“I had been wanting a Multi Arcade for quite some time and when I purchased a Pandora’s Box 6 1300 in 1 game system I definitely enjoyed it.

As much enjoyment as this system was, I still wanted more from it. I knew that it would see more action if it were in an arcade cabinet. I also figured it would be a great addition to my home bar for when we had guests. Best if all it would mean no more cables strung out across my livingroom.
I wanted a cabinet that had a sleek look and didnt take up a large amount of space. Unfortunately the pre made cabinets were expensive and were much larger than I wanted. They also weren’t made for my arcade contoller to drop into. I eventually decided to do my own build based off of a Vigolix arcade I found online. So after some careful thought and planning my project began.
The Vigolix plans i had come across was for a small, single player, kid sized cabinet. With some calculations I was able to size it up to fit my needs, and customize it to fit the arcade controller. With my mind set, off I went to Home Depot for my materials. With some planning and work, later that day I had an arcade cabinet built. Best of all it was much cheaper than buying one pre made and it was custom.

The following day I painted the cabinet black, placed the order for the LED strip lighting and started designing a marquee. I decided to stick with the Jagermeister theme I already had with my bar. After playing around with some ideas I came up with a marquee design I was happy with. Once my design was finished I sent my idea to Tim at
He looked it over, stated it would work and I placed my order.

While I was awaiting shipment of my finishing touches I masked off then painted some plexiglass for the marquee and screen. To say the least, I was excited to get this project finished and see the final results. In the meantime I let the paint dry and I waited. Once everything I needed to finish the project arrived, I jumped back in full force on my project. I couldnt wait to see it all together and have my vision come to life. Now that it is finished I have to say, it came together even better than I had expected. The arcade cabinet looks great in my home bar and it’s a project I am proud of.

The lighting looks great, the cabinet looked amazing and the arcade marquee was one of the perfect finishing touches that pulled it all together.
I couldnt be happier with how this project came out.

Thank you once again ”