Simpsons Bowling Arcade Marquee

I've always liked the Simpson's Bowling arcade art. When the entire cabinet is done up, it looks even better. Got that retro cartoon look mixed with all the awesome characters from the Simpsons. Never thought it would be a good route game, but would be fun to have in a collection. As far as bowling games go, Bowl-o-rama has always [...]

2018-09-13T21:05:53+00:00September 13th, 2018|Arcade Marquee, Product Photos|

Hunter’s Puckman Arcade Cabinet

We are always super interested in seeing some rare cabinets. One of our customers was nice enough to send some pics of a Puckman arcade marquee that we recently sent out. We asked Hunter to send us a quick blurb about the cab and some pics, so enjoy! "I am making a scratch built replica of the original puckman machine. [...]

2018-06-13T06:30:41+00:00June 13th, 2018|Product Photos, Restorations|

Bomberman Arcade Marquee

Had a request for a Bomberman arcade marquee, but unfortunately no such marquee was ever produced (to our knowledge). We came up with the following marquee to fill the void. Thanks to Brian for the push, and we are looking forward to how it looks in your game! Check out the marquee in our store HERE.

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Ninja Baseball Bat Man Arcade Marquee

This is a pretty interesting one.... Ninja Baseball Bat Man, only a couple of these arcades made it out, right as the arcade industry was starting to tank. We were fortunate enough to get an original scan from Quarterworld in Portland. They have one of the few actual games that exist, and furthermore, one of the few that the public [...]

2018-04-28T01:42:12+00:00April 28th, 2018|Arcade Marquee, Product Photos|

Raiden Fighters 2 Arcade Marquee

Definitely one of the best shoot em ups of all time. All of the Raiden games combined satisfying controls and power ups with a high level of difficulty and challenging bosses. Super fun to play, and still super affordable. For now that is... Check out the marquee in our store HERE, and a play through below:

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Alien vs Predator Big Blue CPS2 Arcade Marquee

AvP was one of our favorite games growing up. Slightly more advanced with move combinations than the rest of the side scroller beat em ups such as Simpsons and X-Men. Not to mention the Big Blue arcades at 7-Eleven were beautiful in an intimidating sort of way. This particular game in the Northwest is still affordable. Last couple ones have [...]

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