We always like seeing things restored to their original state. Scott was sharp enough to recognize an incredibly rare War of the World’s in the wild and picked it up. With a little artwork pieced together here and there, we were able to get him a bezel/marquee/cpo. Good work on the restore Scott!

“I had an idea of creating a pre-production game after reading about a similar project many, many years ago. Before the supply of games dried up locally I got a deal on a Star Castle machine in a sad state. It was loaded with many wasp mud nests and some rodent droppings. I cleaned it up, clamped and wood glued the cab back together, added a back door, and set about converting what was left into a War of the Worlds. Beyond the marquee, artwork was not available. I created what I could through pictures of some of the few machines that have been found over the years. I stitched together picture of the control panel artwork from three pictures taken at angles. Blending the image into one was probably the hardest part of the project. The monitor clear “gel” was created from a piece of art hanging on my wall for years; I kept it because I thought it was neat at the time. Little did I know I would need it many years later! The city scene was created on a clear piece of classroom overhead transparency. The art from that was also image filtered, touched up, and sized as good as I could get it. I found my local Lowes could custom cut glass for the monitor bezel and marquee. The control panel plexiglass was cut and drilled by me and I also ordered a set of new clear orange buttons. For the art (the marquee, the monitor bezel) I used black electrical tape to help cushion the glass edges and also adhere the art. I cut out the monitor viewing area using an Exacto knife and I finished it up with a straight edge. I went ahead and kept the white border as I liked the look. There is still more to do, I bought a can of bondo, and the custom wired game board needs attention but the cabinet looks the part now. I am happy with the results!”

Check out the marquee in our store HERE, and a video of the game below: