Josef’s Super Clean 4 Slot – Neo Geo World

This could possibly be one of the cleanest 4 slots we have ever seen. Thanks to Josef for the photos and continued business on the Neo Geo mini marquees.

First name or gamer tag: Josef
Years collecting: 2
Rarest game: Probably Alpha Mission II
Favorite game: Strikers 1945 Plus & Neo Turf Masters
Anything about the Neo Geo world:
Couple of years back I had an arcade cab with a single slot Neo Geo JAMMA board in it and a 161 in 1 multicart. That was the closest I could get playing Neo Geo on original hardware since finding an original Neo Geo cab here in Germany is very hard.
Last year I was finally lucky, found an original Neo Geo Big Red 4 Slot in a German arcade forum and immediately pulled the trigger. The seller told me that the cab is originally from a US military base here in Germany and his friend restored it couple years ago.
It is in great condition, only thing I have done so far was repainting the control panel and swapping the sticks and buttons for new ones.
I consider myself very lucky and proud to have such a great cabinet in my collection!


Thanks again Josef!

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Trevor’s Neo Geo Collection

We’ve always enjoyed collecting Neo Geo carts and marquees. In fact our first arcade was a Neo Geo 2 slot more than 10 years ago. So we’ve decided to start a little category on our website called Neo Geo World. Our first participant is Trevor, check out his story below:

First name or gamer tag: Trevor
Years collecting: 3
Rarest game: Twinkle Star Sprites
Favorite game: Metal Slug
Anything about the Neo Geo world: I always loved playing in the arcades any chance I could. When I saw metal slug in the 90s I thought the graphics and gameplay were the best they could ever get.

Now that I’m a little (lot) older I’ve got space in my home for 1 arcade machine, which has always been a dream. I immediately thought of the Neo Geo for metal slug, and then when I realized Neo Geo cabinets took cartridges that could easily be swapped, and hold up to 6 games at once. I was sold. If you can only get 1 arcade machine, why not get one that can natively play over 100 games!

I had to search for a long time, and could never find any dedicated Neo Geo cabinets where I live in Canada, so I bit the bullet and shipped one from TNT Amusements in the United States who restores arcade cabinets.

I try and fit at least one 10-15 minute arcade session in everyday, as really gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day.

I love spending time on this thing, and have ordered over 60 mini marquees from Tim to be used for my collection once I get the new led marquee lights.


Thanks for the write up Trevor! Keep the vibe alive!
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