Vs Dr. Mario Arcade Marquee

Don’t really see Dr. Mario arcades around very much. I used to own 2 of them, but sold them due to lack of interest of people playing them. I do regret the decision though, haven’t seen one in the Northwest since. Might have to convert a Nintendo cabinet back over. Check out the marquee HERE, and a play through below (although I believe from NES). If anyone is able to get through the 1 hour and 22 minutes of footage, I will give you 10,000 internet points:

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Spiderman Arcade Marquee

The Spiderman marquee presented a little bit of a problem for a standardized size. The original marquees was huge, and looked great on a dedicated cabinet, but for any conversions, the aspect ratio presented a problem. What we ended up doing was shrinking it down, and adding Spiderman comics where the massive amount of black space would have been. Looks pretty good, but if you’re a purist, try not to gag too hard. Check it out in our store HERE.

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