This listing is for a moves list or instruction sticker, printed on sticky vinyl. Meant to be displayed on the front of your arcade glass. Stickers will range from 12-16 inches in width, and height will vary as well. If you’d like a very specific size just let us know ahead of time and we will make sure it happens. Art for some games is difficult to come by, although there are several websites we would recommend to look first. Donate to them if you can, as theirs is a passion more so than a business. We will do the same. Please find medium to high res art (1mb is sufficient usually) and email it to us for printing.

Neo Geo Centered Art:

Fighter Games Centered Art:

We appreciated any other sources you might find so we can list on here as well.

Printed with Ultrachrome inks on sticky backed vinyl. Pull and peel and stick to your game. Best on glass, as that is a low touch area.

We stand by our commitment to offer excellent customer service, and will gladly take back anything the customer is not satisfied with. Just please, try not to be a dick.

Sticker backed vinyl items ship slightly slower than other items, as we do not print sticky backed vinyl as frequently as translite material. With that said, this item usually takes 2-3 business days to produce, and 2-3 business days to arrive with USPS shipping.