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Punchout Arcade Marquee

Loved this game as a kid. Turns out the arcade is waaaay more difficult. Always liked the way the cabinet looked, and as of late, they're getting harder and harder to find. At recent Captain's Auctions in California, dedicated Punchout cabinets were going for as much as $1200. Check out the marquee in our store… Continue reading

Millipede Arcade Marquee

Millipede is pretty high up there on most beautiful cabinets of all time. The speaker grill, rounded marquee holder, side art, kick panel, and CPO all came together beautifully. Was never a huge fan of the gameplay, but when the game room plans finally come together, this would have to be pretty high on my… Continue reading

Carnevil Arcade Marquee

Yet another marquee scan we've been able to procure. For some reason this fairly common game didn't have any suppliers for the marquee, so we took the liberty of hunting one down and giving it a nice, high quality scan. Check it out in our store here. Check out below for a play through video:… Continue reading

Bubble Bobble Arcade Marquee

Took a while but we finally found a high res version of the Bubble Bobble marquee. Great game, especially for routing. The different variations for the ending make for repeat customers and the cuteness of the characters and sprites makes for a good date game. Check out the marquee HERE. Continue reading

Lunar Lander Arcade Marquee

Lunar Lander Arcade Marquee

Finally found a decent file for Lunar Lander. Cleaned it up quite a bit to get a good product. We've always wanted one of these cabinets at, but they are getting waaaaay too expensive. From what we can gather, they are going for $1500-$3000 depending on where you are in the country. Super fun… Continue reading

Nintendo Super System Marquees

Nintendo Super System Marquees

We recently received a request for Super System marquees. Very hard to find good art for these guys. After hours of restoration we have a couple pretty quality marquees. So far just Super Mario World, Super Tennis, and F-Zero. Still on the hunt for other good scans and art. For a link to the items… Continue reading

Ninja Gaiden Arcade Marquee

Ninja Gaiden Arcade Marquee

Used to love playing this game on Nintendo when I was growing up. Came to find out that it was incredibly difficult on the arcade. Always liked the art for the marquee though. The child in me always sees Ryu farting as he swings from the light post. Cannot unsee... Check it out on our… Continue reading

Andy’s Arcade Lightbox Tutorial

We recently had the pleasure to sell an arcade marquee to Andy from Andy's Arcade on Youtube. He purchased a Castlevania marquee from us for this tutorial on how to build a lightbox. So far only the first part it out, but we are super excited to see the final product. Cheers Andy! Continue reading