House of the Dead Arcade Marquee

House of the Dead Arcade Marquee

House of the Dead arcade marquee. One of the best shooter arcades of all time. Different routes depending on what/who you shoot, great pacing, and reasonable difficulty. In our opinion, none of the House of the Deads after compared. Check out both 1 and 2 in our store by clicking HERE. Continue reading

Paperboy Arcade Marquee

Yet another cool relic of our pasts. Paperboy arcade marquee printed on Kodak translite film. This particular arcade is getting very difficult to find. In particular, the handlebars that control the game are going for a pretty penny, that is if you can even find the pcb. Link to the dedicated marquee below: Paperboy Arcade… Continue reading

Mame Arcade Marquee

Regardless of what you think of mames, this arcade marquee is awesome. The characters absolutely pop when back lit. You might think, 'well most of those characters weren't actually in arcade games', but then again you have to remember all video games are present on a mame. In any case, gotta love the art. Check… Continue reading

John’s Star Wars Journey

I always like hearing about arcade restoration projects. With all the dedicated cabinets that got turned into Golden Tees, and basement floods taking the lives of countless other games it's awesome to hear about others coming back from the grave. Below is John's story about putting back together a Star Wars Vector (with a marquee… Continue reading