Brute Force Arcade Marquee

We delayed this marquee for quite a long time due to the nature of how hard it was to scan it, but it’s finally here. A truly abstract and rare game, we won’t probably sell more than 1 or 2, but it’s cool to have in the collection. The game itself looked like a combination of Double Dragon and Narc, but it also looks as if the gameplay was lacking. Check out a video of the game below and click HERE for a link to the marquee in our store.

Comments (2)

    Got mine last week..Outstanding repro done on this Marquee..If you liked SEGA Streets Of Rage 1 ,2, & 3 then you’ll love this gameplay its very similar but a little more brutal if you ask me guess why they called it Brute Force it also has the 380 rotation unlike streets of rage where you just go where the arrow points none the less a badass game as was the streets series

    • Maybe I judged a little hard. Would be awesome to actually play. I’ll put it on my want to play list along with Polybus 🙂


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