Die Hard Arcade Marquee

Used to love playing this game as a kid. The 3D fighting platform and cool moves were just a little bit better than most of the other side scrollers out there. Not to mention the awesome weapons you could pick up and use. I seem to remember some timing based actions that had to be… Continue reading

Vs Dr. Mario Arcade Marquee

Don't really see Dr. Mario arcades around very much. I used to own 2 of them, but sold them due to lack of interest of people playing them. I do regret the decision though, haven't seen one in the Northwest since. Might have to convert a Nintendo cabinet back over. Check out the marquee HERE,… Continue reading

Millipede Arcade Marquee

Millipede is pretty high up there on most beautiful cabinets of all time. The speaker grill, rounded marquee holder, side art, kick panel, and CPO all came together beautifully. Was never a huge fan of the gameplay, but when the game room plans finally come together, this would have to be pretty high on my… Continue reading

Berzerk Arcade Marquee

One of the few classics that I have never seen or played. Finally looked it up on YouTube to see what the gameplay was like, and it looks simple but fun. It almost looks to be an early version of Smash TV. Check out the marquee in our store HERE, and a play through below:… Continue reading

In the Hunt Arcade Marquee

Recently got a really good scan of In the Hunt, one of the marquees we had missing from our collection. For some reason, this particular PCB is highly sought after and goes for over $200 on eBay. The game play is pretty awesome, very reminiscent of a submarine version of Metal Slug. Check out the… Continue reading

Crystal Castles Arcade Marquee

Probably in our top 5 of most elaborate and beautifully designed arcade cabinets. The full wrap art on this guy was amazing. Everything from the cpo to the red roller ball looked great. Check out the marquee in our store HERE. Check out the game play below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zl0kc1EQ1js Continue reading

Bubble Bobble Arcade Marquee

Took a while but we finally found a high res version of the Bubble Bobble marquee. Great game, especially for routing. The different variations for the ending make for repeat customers and the cuteness of the characters and sprites makes for a good date game. Check out the marquee HERE. Continue reading

Cruis’n World Arcade Marquee

One of our favorite games growing up. This game had everything from cool cars, secrets, engaging gameplay, and hot chicks at the end. Spent a lot of money on this one. Marquee featuring cool kangaroos, space ships, and what looks like the back ground from Tetris. Continue reading

Andy’s Arcade Lightbox Tutorial

We recently had the pleasure to sell an arcade marquee to Andy from Andy's Arcade on Youtube. He purchased a Castlevania marquee from us for this tutorial on how to build a lightbox. So far only the first part it out, but we are super excited to see the final product. Cheers Andy! Continue reading